Thank you for choosing to use our accuRx system to contact the practice

Unfortunately, this service is currently CLOSED - For urgent enquires please phone 111, or 999 in an emergency


General information regarding accuRx

Please bear in mind this service is for NON-URGENT and administration purposes ONLY

The average response time for using this service is 4-5 working days - if you require information or medical help before then, please phone the practice or phone 111 or 999 if seriously unwell

Examples of what the accuRx service CAN provide:

  • Non-urgent medical queries
  • Sick/fit note requests
  • Medication queries
  • Medication requests (provided non-urgent as could take 5 working days plus the usual 48 hours to process)
  • Non-urgent test results
  • Non-urgent secretarial queries

Please note this service is NOT for the following requests/queries:

  • COVID vaccinations 
    • The practice is following strict government guidelines regarding the national vaccination roll out programme.  This dictates who and when people will be called up for their COVID vaccination based on set cohorts.  More information can be found on our COVID page here
  • Appointments
    • Due to the nature of our appointment booking system we cannot offer appointments via email or accuRx services.  If you need to book an appointment please contact the surgery on our usual phone number
  • Urgent medical issues
    • The accuRx service can take 5 working days for us to respond to.  If you have an urgent/important medical issue/query you must either phone the practice, or 111 if we are closed.  For emergencies please contact 999