Online Appointment Booking

We have the following appointments available via SystmOnline.  Please check the list of availability and criteria for each type of appointment and book accordingly.

GP appointments should only be booked for the conditions listed below – anything else we recommend you book with a First Contact Practitioner.

The majority Health Care Assistant appointments are now available to be booked online up to 5 weeks in advance.  We hope this helps you book an appointment when you receive a text message from us requesting to come in for a blood, height/weight, BP check. However, please remember that these HCA appointments are just for the procedures listed below – and should only be booked after being requested by the practice.

When booking an online appointment please remember to book into an appropriate slot. 
We have had a fair number of incorrectly booked appointments already in the short time we have re-enabled this feature, forcing patients to rebook.



  • Limited amount available - released 2-3 days before and 18:00 the night before the appointment

  • Can see the following conditions:

    • Long term problems not under specialist

    • Mental health issues

    • New lumps and bumps

    • Injuries

    • Cancer concerns

    • Pregnancy related queries

First Contact Practitioners

  • Limited amount available at 18:00 the night before the appointment

  • Can see the following conditions:

    • Chest / throat / ear infections

    • Coughs and colds

    • Thrush, acne, abscesses, eczema, rashes

    • Exacerbation of asthma

    • Constipation, diarrhoea and vomiting,

    • Sore throats

    • Dizziness, impetigo,

    • Ingrowing toe nails, insect bites, septic fingers

    • High temperatures

    • Piles

    • Eye infections

    • Scabies

    • Sinusitis

    • Water infections

    • Wound infections

  • Can NOT see the following conditions:

    • General pain relief

    • Prescribing of high risk drugs (Amitriptyline)

    • Pregnancy releated issues

    • Mental health

Health Care Assistants

  • Available 5 weeks in advanced

  • Can see the following conditions (must have been requested by the practice before hand)

    • Bloods

    • Height / Weight

    • Blood Pressure